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Product CPU RAM Drive 1 Backup Drive Bandwith IPV4 IPV6 Price Order
D1 XEON E3-1230 (3.30 Ghz) 8 CORES CPU Total with HT 16GB DDR3 120GB SSD or 1TB 7200 SATA No 40TB Premium Blended 2 256 * $129.99/mo Order Now
D2 1 x XEON L5639 (2.13Ghz) 12 Thread 48GB DDR3 240GB SSD or 2TB (SATA) 1TB 7200 SATA 70TB Premium Blended 8 512 * $219.99/mo Order Now
D3 2 x XEON L5640 (2.26Ghz) 24 CORES CPU Total with HT 48GB DDR3 500GB SSD or 4TB (ENTERPRISE SATA 7200 RPM) 1TB 7200 SATA 90TB Premium Blended 12 1024 * 319.99/mo Order Now
D4 2 x XEON E5-2450L (1.80Ghz) 32 CORES CPU Total with HT 64GB DDR3 500GB SSD or 4TB (ENTERPRISE SATA 7200 RPM) 2TB 7200 SATA 100TB Premium Blended 16 2048 * 419.99/mo Order Now
D5 2 x XEON E5-2650L (1.80Ghz) 32 CORES CPU Total with HT 96GB DDR3 1TB SSD or 6TB (ENTERPRISE SATA 7200 RPM) 4TB 7200 SATA 120TB Premium Blended 24 3048 * 519.99/mo Order Now

All Plans Include

Uplink: 1Gbps
Uptime: 99.9%
Control Panel: Centos Panel
Free: IPMI (not available in D1)
Freebie: 1 SSL 128BIT + 1 SOFTACOLOUS (200+ 1-click script installs) - (upon request) (not available in D1)

* upon request

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